Future Invention Ideas

For years, we’ve been promised jet packs, Teleprompters, flying cars etc. Unfortunately, none of these remarkable invention ideas has managed to make it to the proverbial high street.

Since the ‘50s, people have been optimistic about the future. They have had a million and one visions about the days to come. With only a few consolations, they still have visions. 2030 is among the years that many people await with so much zeal. It surely holds the breaths of many. Futurologists also have their part in assuring the people.

Here are the ten surefire hi-tech inventions ideas that will hit by 2030.

Future Invention #1:Exoskeletons

This is one of the most intriguing invention ideas to look forward to in the future. Polymer-gel muscles can be like five times stronger than the natural ones. In the near future, you will be buying clothes capable of giving you superhuman strength. They are to be bulletproof and have super senses built too. These exoskeletons will obviously suit the military. Sportspeople won’t be left behind either. They might be too expensive to make them today but not in the future.

Future Invention #2: Androids


Due to the artificial intelligence, you‘ll be able to talk to computers just like fellow humans. This will probably link wirelessly to robots. The robotic technology will make use of polymer gel muscles. With silicone covering, they will be human-like. Freely and easily, they will mix with humans pretty much better than they do in movies.

Future Invention #3: Video Tattoos


Not so long when we will have these video tattoos. For those that already have the ordinary ones, they will wish they had waited. It will be possible to have the electronic displays on plastic membranes. They will be similar to those for temporary tattoos. With these membranes, you will have the displays. Electronic make-ups are feasible too. With them, you would just wipe them off your face, touch it, and instantly become whatever you desire. It will be possible to change appearances.

Future Invention #4: Augmented Reality 

Augmented reality is another invention ideas you can expect to make headlines. In films, the heroes are capable of seeing the world with computer-generated graphic. This technology is developing that soon enough we will be having lightweight visor. They will allow you handle things done by phones. Depending on how you like, zombies, aliens, or cartoons, you can change how people around you look li.

Future Invention #5: liquid cooling system

Instead of a single one that there used to be, the quad-core PC has four processors all sharing a chip. Increasing this will result into computers having numerous processors. They will suspend in gel keeping them cool and allowing wiring them together through light beams.

Yet in other development fields, genetically modified bacteria are developing. They are in making electronic components. When these are combined, liquid cooling system could turn out to be the future computing basis. With the vast superhuman intelligence,

Future Invention #6: Dream Linking 

This will be accomplished by having pillows with conducting-fibers within their fabric. They will monitor the electrical activity of the brain. This huge technological improvement will help to know when one is dreaming and what they are dreaming. It will be possible for two people in a dream to share the dreams. More interestingly, you’ll be able to steer a colleague’s dream in the same direction that they can effectively interact and share. Oh, how about that!

Future Invention #7: Active Lenses 

The active contact lenses will have three tiny lasers and a micro-mirror. Just like the normal lenses, they will sit on the eyes. The micro-mirror will be scanning the beam directing it onto the retina. This on the other hand will create images of high resolution as your eye can see. All other forms of display will also be superfluous. Seeing will turn to be somewhat virtual. With the lenses offering a three-dimensional view, vision experience will be perfect. In addition, one will not have to open the eyes that they see but will do it even while closed.

Future Invention #8: Active Skin 

Blowing of tiny skin-cell sized electronic capsules into the skin makes it active. From these capsules, recording of nerve signals related to sensations is possible. Sometimes later, replaying the recordings re-lives the experience. This could be superb in making memories of joyous and pleasurable encounters in life.

Future Invention #9: Body sharing and immortality 

While computers will get smarter, there’s no doubt that the brain-IT link will equally get much better. Therefore, you’ll have to utilize external IT more until that point in time where your mind is out of the brain.

Anytime your body becomes dysfunctional, you’ll only manage to lose the bits depending on the brain. The major part of the mind will continue to handle its objections.

What’s interesting is the fact that you’ll attend your funeral, purchase an android body, and then proceed with your activity.

For sure, deal will not be a career problem.

If you aren’t an android person, perhaps you’ll be able to link to the bodies of your friends and share them, just like students normally relax on their friend’s sofas.

Life will surely begin after death, literally!

Future Invention #10: Shared consciousness 

In the future, we’ll have full links between an external computer and the human brain. You’ll be able to access more information outside your brain directly. That way, you’ll be smarter. In fact, you’ll enjoy thought access to major human knowledge.

With the link, you’ll be able to share ideas directly with many other people. Sharing their experiences, memories, consciousness etc will be a walk in the park. That way, you’ll be able to create a brand new level of intimacy. You’ll manage to explore the creativity of other people directly.

Certainly, this will be one of the highest fun levels of the future. The only caveat is that you’ll need to take some precautions.

The future is really bright in terms of technology advancement. It quite clear that from the invention ideas above, fun times lies ahead for sure.


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