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Future Invention Ideas

For years, we’ve been promised jet packs, Teleprompters, flying cars etc. Unfortunately, none of these remarkable invention ideas has managed to make it to the proverbial high street.

Since the ‘50s, people have been optimistic about the future. They have had a million and one visions about the days to come. With only a few consolations, they still have visions. 2030 is among the years that many people await with so much zeal. It surely holds the breaths of many. Futurologists also have their part in assuring the people.

Here are the ten surefire hi-tech inventions ideas that will hit by 2030.

Future Invention #1:Exoskeletons This is one of the most intriguing invention ideas to look forward to in the future. Polymer-gel muscles can be like five times stronger than the natural ones. In the near future, you will be buying clothes capable of giving you superhuman strength. They are to be bulletproof and have super senses built too. These exoskeletons will obviously suit the military. Spo…