Future of Outbound Call Center Software

Outbound Call Center Software

Twenty years ago, an outbound call center employee's desk would hold an actual land line phone, pens and pencils, pads of paper, and lists wither written or printed out. Since then, the outbound call center world has drastically changed.
Anyone that has worked in a call center om the 2000s (and I am sure many of you have at some point in time) knows that efficient software is a necessity. There are several different types of outbound call center software. Each serves a purpose and is an integral puzzle piece of the outbound call center.

What types of Outbound Call Center Software are available? 

1. Phones 

The most important feature of any call center is the phone. Without a phone, there is no call center. Years ago, an outbound call center employee would pick up a phone receiver and make calls to their clients/customers/members. Today, it is rare to find an outbound call center that uses an actual phone. Instead, you will find a "dummy" phone that is used only to connect your phone line to your computer. Some may not even use a phone at all.
You may be asking, well, how does an outbound call center employee make a phone call out? The answer to that question is, of course, outbound call center software. Phone software can perform functions such as making phone calls, receiving phone calls, recording phone calls, keeping phone logs and histories, as well as keeping track of an employee's status.

2. Scheduling 

In order for your outbound call center to run as efficiently as possible, you will need to ensure you have the correct amount of employees scheduled to be on the phones during every hour that you are open. There is outbound call center software available that can forecast how many employees are required to be on the phone making calls at any given time. This outbound call center software can also tell you if there are to many people on a specific line and can "skill" your employees on areas that they have been trained on.

3. Outbound call center computer software 

In addition to having a phone and a schedule, your outbound call center will need computer software that will house all of your company's information. This includes your client's private and secure information, a placed to document your calls and make notes, as well as what type of plan, product, etc....that they currently have. This will be software that can only be accessed by authorized employees on only specific computers that have been authorized for use.

What companies offer Outbound Call Center Software? 

1. Workforce Management 

Workforce Management is a popular outbound call center software that is found in many call centers. They are considered to be the number one company in cloud based workforce optimization at this time. Workforce Management offers a variety of services and features that can be customized to your outbound call center needs. Workforce Management offers services that include phone call recording, performance management tools, screen capture, and much more. The Workforce Management outbound call center software will help your call center become more efficient by ensuring you can effectively and quickly track each employee's schedule adherence. Many outbound call centers will designate a specifc person or department to keep track of the Workforce Management software (also known as WFM). The outbound call center's Workforce Management team will continuously monitor the status of each call center department and employee.

2. Aspect 

Aspect is one of the best outbound call center software companies that offer phone services. The Aspect outbound call center software boasts features such as an outbound IVR, campaign management, call list importing, a predictive dialer, and a preview dialer. Other features included are call back, call conferencing, survery, call logs, call monitoring, call recording, and a call history database. The Aspect outbound call center software was created to help create a better relationship between the call center and the customer.

3. Genesys 

Genesys is an outbound call center software that helps to engage your customers. With one interface, they allow you to contact your clients in several different ways, including phone calls, online chats, video chats, emails, and other channels. Many well-known brands utilize the Genesys call center software.

Why do Outbound Call Centers require software? 

There are many reasons that outbound call centers require software. The first, call handle times were much higher than they are today. Information had to be written down, employees had to find information in notebooks, binders, etc..., and in order to log or document a call, it had to be written down. Today, all of the information an outbound call center employee would need to access is conveniently housed in one place - a computer. Typing is much faster than hand writing, many people possess the skill of typing at least thirty-five words per minute. In addition, many outbound call center phone software systems do not require the employee to pick up a phone and dial a number. You can click on a phone number from a list. Or, you can quickly type in a phone number without the need to pick up a phone receiver because you will have a headset on. Remember, every second counts and adds up when you work in an outbound call center.


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