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Help Desk Ticketing System Software Features and how it works

This is a ticketing system whereby you establish a seamless communication and interaction between IT practitioners and clients who are in need of IT services. These IT practitioners are people who support end to end users and the fulfilling of a request of service.

A web portal is usually used so as to enable the channelling of IT service requests using the free ticketing system that is centralized. This whole process helps to avoid the usage of disparate sources such as in person discussions, email discussions, phone discussions and chat discussions.

How it works

The way that this system works is quite simply as a request is logged into the system. The IT pros communicate back to back using the end user. This process passes an acknowledgment plus an update ticket fulfilment progress. These includes an expected request fulfilment date/time and a technician assignment.

Free help desk software will help in the conversion of inbound service requests through an email. This goes into a ticketing system into help desk tickets. There are many softwares in the market that can help you with the helpdesk ticketing system. One of these softwares is Web Help Desk among many other softwares.

How to get these softwares

The good thing about most of these softwares is that they are free and readily available. They will offer you with automation for ticketing and simplicity in management of the ticketing system and also an in built knowledge base. This is the reason why most help desk ticketing systems are normally and widely used in the world. Most of the help desk ticketing systems don’t have an expiration date and ads on the software.


The good thing of help desk ticketing systems is that most of them have the same features. The best of the help desk ticketing systems usually have other unrivalled and unmatched features but they are not many. These features that are on most help desk ticketing systems are;

Ticketing management

These feature is usually on all free version and full versions of any help desk ticketing system. It helps in the efficient and excellent management of the ticketing system.

Incident and problem management

If you have ever had a problem on a helpdesk ticketing system, you know that it can be hectic to diagnose and troubleshoot where the problem might be. The good thing about the new versions of help desk ticketing systems whether full or free is that they have exquisite ways in which you can troubleshoot where the problem might be.

Built in knowledge base

The knowledge base of any new versions of helpdesk ticketing system is made to be excellent in such a way that you have a knowledge base of all your customers and clients.

Customer survey for help

If you want to do an easy customer survey on all your customers and clients who take tickets from you, you can easily do it on any new and current versions of any help desk ticketing system.

Purchase order management

Have you ever done a purchase on a shoddy help desk ticketing system, it can be a hectic and tiring process. The good thing about any help desk ticketing system that has been made in the last 3 years is that they have an efficient and excellent purchase order management that can managed by in the system easily.

Parts and billing management

In any business payment is most crucial and important part of the business. If payment is not done, the business fails and that is the reason why you need a good billing system that can help you manage your funds through the help desk ticketing system. The awesome thing about this feature is on both free and full versions of any help desk ticketing system.

Integration with remote control software and remote support.

Any software in the world always needs a good support system so that management can be made easily. This support should be both remote and physically at the same place of where you use your help desk ticketing system.


The above article is a detailed article containing all the information of a help desk ticketing system. If a business runs on a ticketing system, it is important and crucial that they implement a ticketing system that has all the above features that a help desk ticketing system needs.

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