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Future Invention Ideas

For years, we’ve been promised jet packs, Teleprompters, flying cars etc. Unfortunately, none of these remarkable invention ideas has managed to make it to the proverbial high street.

Since the ‘50s, people have been optimistic about the future. They have had a million and one visions about the days to come. With only a few consolations, they still have visions. 2030 is among the years that many people await with so much zeal. It surely holds the breaths of many. Futurologists also have their part in assuring the people.

Here are the ten surefire hi-tech inventions ideas that will hit by 2030.

Future Invention #1:Exoskeletons This is one of the most intriguing invention ideas to look forward to in the future. Polymer-gel muscles can be like five times stronger than the natural ones. In the near future, you will be buying clothes capable of giving you superhuman strength. They are to be bulletproof and have super senses built too. These exoskeletons will obviously suit the military. Spo…


Help Desk Ticketing System Software Features and how it works This is a ticketing system whereby you establish a seamless communication and interaction between IT practitioners and clients who are in need of IT services. These IT practitioners are people who support end to end users and the fulfilling of a request of service.

A web portal is usually used so as to enable the channelling of IT service requests using the free ticketing system that is centralized. This whole process helps to avoid the usage of disparate sources such as in person discussions, email discussions, phone discussions and chat discussions.

How it works The way that this system works is quite simply as a request is logged into the system. The IT pros communicate back to back using the end user. This process passes an acknowledgment plus an update ticket fulfilment progress. These includes an expected request fulfilment date/time and a technician assignment.

Free help desk software will help in the conversion of i…

Future of Outbound Call Center Software

Twenty years ago, an outbound call center employee's desk would hold an actual land line phone, pens and pencils, pads of paper, and lists wither written or printed out. Since then, the outbound call center world has drastically changed.
Anyone that has worked in a call center om the 2000s (and I am sure many of you have at some point in time) knows that efficient software is a necessity. There are several different types of outbound call center software. Each serves a purpose and is an integral puzzle piece of the outbound call center.

What types of Outbound Call Center Software are available?  1. Phones  The most important feature of any call center is the phone. Without a phone, there is no call center. Years ago, an outbound call center employee would pick up a phone receiver and make calls to their clients/customers/members. Today, it is rare to find an outbound call center that uses an actual phone. Instead, you will find a "dummy" phone that is used only to connec…

How Virtual Call Center Technology Can Change Your Business

Many companies use a call center to cover some of the secondary aspects of their business. Probably the most common example is 'Customer Support'. Depending on the complexity of the sector, this can involve staff with different levels of knowledge and expertise. For example, many computer hardware or software companies need trained technical experts with specialist knowledge to run their customer support, whereas something like a returns department could function with untrained staff operating from a pre-determined script.

But regardless of the experience level, running a traditional call center has several disadvantages. One is of course the real-estate cost - the larger the company, the more office space is needed to provide the agents with desks and equipment. Another is that it is traditionally a high-pressure and demanding job that can involve higher than average staff turnover. This can further impact a company's bottom line when they need to factor in training of new…